5 Axis Motion Control Winding Machines

This machine is designed and manufactured for wrapping aluminium evoperator tube  automatically to the  outer of the thermoform plastic cabinet or aluminium cabinets of refrigerators and freezers.

Common used areas for Static refrigerator freezer section, upright freezers thermoforming plastic cabinets, chest freezers aluminium sheet cabinets.


Machine structure

-  X, Y, Z, and R servo axis

Expander group

Aluminium tube coil opener, straightener,  feeding, D shape unit, tube cutting unit, tape unit and roller head.

Machine process flow

According the cabinet dimension  set up in PLC system; aluminium tube is fed automatically and operator will fix the tube and tape to the cabinet manually and start the operation that process continue automatically till end of cycle. Finished product is unloaded manually.

Systems Works in motion controlled and this ensure very precise wrapping quality around the cabinet by eliminating any deformation on cabinet surface especially at the corners in order to reach required smooth surface. 

Machine can be used for different dimensions of cabinets. For completely different models; the average mold change set up time is around 15 minutes.  For the models in same width; same mold can be used just as  changing inserts.Average insert change time is around 5 minutes.

The infrastructure of PLC is new generation Siemens motion controlled systems. The required safety systems can be integrated. Prescribing is available on touch screen. Pneumatic components are Festo, safety equipment’s and components are PILLZ, linear systems are INA.